About Us


In our industry, the one thing we all know is that things change. We must constantly meet unexpected challenges; Explore unfamiliar ways of doing things; Approach business opportunities with open minds and optimism.
OUR PHILOSOPHY is simple, handcraft pure fresh natural handmade soap with pride and commitment, provide excellent customer satisfaction which gives us our passion and pledge to maintain the highest standards in quality, reliability and creativity to our customers.

Our products for bath, body, hair and face are cruelty free, eco-friendly, biodegradable and proudly handmade in the USA by OH! Soaps. When you purchase one of our soaps you’re guaranteed a fresh pure bar made the traditional cold processed method which means the glycerin remains in the soap and is not extracted from the soap making process.

We do not buy and resell not other companies soap logs cut into bars branded with our name on them as so many are now doing without knowing what's really in them or don't care.
Weather your an individual looking to purchase all natural handmade soap, skin care and soy wax candles for yourself, a large business seeking bulk orders or custom manufacturing, we can accommodate you and everyone in between. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can answer your questions to help you make informed decisions.

CLIENT BASE includes top brand retailers, professional day spas, small business enterprises and many loyal retail customers.

Bar weight 4.0 Ounces Approximate. Because of being hand cut bars may vary in size weight and shape.
Please remember our Natural Handcrafted Soaps are guaranteed fresh for only a few months. Though still effective for longer, the scent may not be as strong. Be sure to use Soon & Enjoy.
Sometimes as the soap cures some bars might have light ash residue on them, this is normal, there is no cause for alarm it won't hurt you.
All of our soaps are handmade and may vary in appearance from the pictures.
Once you unwrap a bar of our natural handcrafted soap and begin using it, you will prolong the life of your bar by storing it in a place where there is excellent drainage and the humidity is low enough to allow the soap to completely re-dry between uses, extending the life of the bar.

The sense of smell is an amazing and VERY subjective thing. Ten people can smell a spritz of perfume and come away with ten different impressions, sometimes dramatically different. The scent descriptions that accompany our products are based upon our own scent impressions.

OH! Soaps & Skin Care products are for external use on adult skin.
Please use good judgment when using our products, should any of our products come in contact with eyes or sensitive areas, please rinse thoroughly with water. Some of our products contain essential or fragrance oils, which may cause sensitivities. Our bath soaks contain oils that may cause slippery conditions entering or exiting the bathtub. Rinse tub after bath use to remove oil residue. Some of our products also contain safe preservatives to maintain freshness.

Stopping all animal testing is something we care passionately about.
We believe that there is no way to justify testing cosmetics or any of their ingredients on animals.
The only way to check that they are safe for humans is to test them on humans. All of our Soaps & Skin Care Products are tested on our faces as well as our bodies insuring the highest quality. If it doesn’t pass this critical test, it doesn’t come to market. The only animal by-product you will find in OH! Soaps & Skin Care is goat milk.